Alcina Table Lamp with Collector Gold Shade - D46cm

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Introducing the Alcina sensation ceramic lamp, a stunning piece that brings your interior dreams to life. This lamp base is an epitome of exclusivity, with its textured high gloss pattern that has the power to re-inspire any room it graces.

Part of the new iKon collection, the Collector Gold Eva 46cm lampshade is a true masterpiece. The design features a group of charming magpies among branches, proudly displaying their treasures. The lampshade sits atop a gold mustard base with monochrome tones and accents of teal blue, creating a visually striking and harmonious composition.

The overall design style of this lamp setup is Maximalist, embracing opulence and boldness in its expression. The Alcina lamp base complements this design style with its captivating appearance, making it a true statement piece in any space.

The lampshade is crafted from a combination of 95% Linen and 5% Cotton, ensuring both a luxurious feel and a sturdy construction. Its dimensions are H21xD46cm, providing a substantial and eye-catching presence.

The Alcina lamp base, with dimensions H36xW20cm, perfectly complements the Collector Gold Eva lampshade, resulting in a total height of 59cm. This well-proportioned combination adds a touch of elegance and grandeur to your decor.

To maintain the lamp's pristine appearance, simply wipe it clean when needed. It's designed for easy aftercare, ensuring that its beauty remains preserved for years to come.

In summary, the Alcina ceramic lamp base paired with the Collector Gold Eva 46cm lampshade is a captivating addition to any interior, elevating the space with its Maximalist charm and artistic expression. It's a harmonious blend of texture, color, and design, celebrating the beauty of nature and adding a touch of luxury to your home.


The fabulous custom made shade can be created in your choice of Voyage Maison fabric designs, Hazelwood Interiors design team is ready and can help with your choices by simply contacting the team and we can arrange an in store, online(video) or home appointment if required.
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