Aratus Nut Tripod Floor & Nut Table Lamps with Marie Burke Heligan Fuchsia Grey Linen Eva Shade

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Type: 57cm Table Lamp with 40cm shade
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Embrace the enchanting allure of nature within the confines of your home through the exquisite Aratus Nut table/floor lamp. This design masterpiece offers a fresh and modern twist on a timeless concept, boasting a sleek wooden tripod base that perfectly complements our Marie Burke watercolour Heligan Grey Fuchsia Eva Shade. As a tribute to the picturesque countryside, the watercolour rendition of the Heligan Fuchsia Grey Eva Shade stands as a magnificent centrepiece within the new Marie Burke artist collection—a harmonious collaboration between Voyage Maison and the artist. This shade serves as an artistic portrayal of flourishing florals, resplendent with vibrant purples and soothing greens, transforming any living space into a realm of sophistication.

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The Marie Burke collection encapsulates the very essence of artistry in nature. The Heligan pattern, a pivotal element within this collection, adorns the lampshade with a harmonious blend of green and grey hues. This aesthetic fusion resonates seamlessly with the lamp's wooden base, forging a visual harmony between the two components.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the lampshade is fashioned from a luxurious linen fabric, composed of 95% cotton and 5% linen. This blend ensures both durability and a sumptuous texture that appeals to both touch and sight.

The shade offers two size options—D52cm and D40cm—catering to diverse spatial and design preferences, ensuring a seamless fit within your living space.

Maintenance is effortless, with the lampshade's pristine appearance easily preserved through a gentle wipe clean.

The Aratus Nut table/floor lamp, harmoniously paired with the watercolour Heligan Grey Fuchsia Eva Shade, epitomises the beauty of nature in artistry and design. This combination elegantly marries the contemporary with the timeless, weaving an aesthetic tapestry that transforms your surroundings into a haven of elegance and sophistication. Whether gracing a table or illuminating a corner as a floor lamp, this ensemble is bound to capture glances and infuse your home with the allure of nature's artistic brilliance.

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