Aratus Stone Tripod Floor & Table Lamps with Varys Violet Shade

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Type: 57cm Table Lamp with 40cm shade
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Introducing the Aratus Tripod Floor & Table Lamp, a distinguished addition to the Voyage Maison lamp collection. This creation breathes new life into a classic design, infusing it with a fresh and contemporary twist. The lamp's sleek wooden tripod base harmoniously complements our Varys Violet Eva Shade. This shade, featuring a stylized climbing Scottish thistle design against a serene backdrop, is a notable member of the Voyage Maison Cynara range. Blooming with captivating shades of purple and understated greens, this floral masterpiece stands as a remarkable statement piece, imparting an air of sophistication to any interior.

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The Varys design style takes centre stage, reflecting a harmonious balance between modern aesthetics and timeless elegance. The Varys Violet Shade, an embodiment of this style, seamlessly aligns with the lamp's wooden base, creating an artful fusion that appeals to both the eye and the soul.

Crafted with meticulous care, the lampshade is fashioned from a cotton blend, comprising 95% cotton and 5% linen. This material blend ensures durability while offering a sumptuous texture that speaks to the lamp's refined quality.

The shade is sized to perfection, with a size rating of 11, a carefully chosen dimension that contributes to its overall visual appeal and presence.

Maintaining the lampshade's immaculate appearance is simple—a gentle wipe clean is all it takes.

The Aratus Tripod Floor & Table Lamp, in conjunction with the Varys Violet Eva Shade, stands as a testament to the marriage of design and artistry. This pairing seamlessly bridges the contemporary with the timeless, transforming your living space into an oasis of refinement and allure. Whether adorning a table or illuminating a corner as a floor lamp, this ensemble is bound to capture glances and infuse your home with the captivating essence of nature's beauty. The lamp's fresh twist on a classic design, complemented by the vibrant floral hues of the Varys Violet Shade, invites you to embark on a journey of style and elegance.

        The fabulous custom made shade can be created in your choice of Voyage Maison fabric designs, Hazelwood Interiors design team is ready and can help with your choices by simply contacting the team and we can arrange an in store, online(video) or home appointment if required.
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