Barcelona Coffee Table 1150 - Black and Copper

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The Barcelona coffee table is a stylish and contemporary piece of furniture designed with a minimalist approach. It features a black oak melamine tabletop, which provides a sleek and elegant look. The coffee table is supported by sturdy powder-coated black metal legs, adding a touch of sophistication to its design. The table also includes copper metal accents, which serve as eye-catching details.

In terms of dimensions, the coffee table measures 1150 millimeters in width, 450 millimeters in height, and 600 millimeters in depth, providing ample surface area for placing items or decor.

The Barcelona coffee table is known for its modern design and minimalist aesthetic. The metal legs contribute to its overall stability and durability, while the painted finish adds a smooth and refined appearance. The materials used in its construction include melamine for the tabletop and metal for the legs. The black color of the coffee table enhances its contemporary appeal.

Overall, the Barcelona coffee table is a stylish and functional piece of furniture that would complement modern living spaces with its sleek design and quality materials.

Please note that the Barcelona coffee table is a demo clearance unit, and only one piece is available. As a clearance item, it may be offered at a discounted price. It is important to consider that clearance units might have been used as display models and could have minor imperfections or signs of wear.



Black oak melamine, powder-coated black metal legs, copper metal accents.


Width: 1150

Height: 450

Depth: 600

Specification and materials


  • Metal Leg
  • Minimal Design
  • Modern Design
  • Painted Finish


  • Melamine
  • Metal

Colour: Black