Seville mattress Irish Made

Size: 3ft
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The Seville mattress offers a luxurious experience with its "Soft touch" fabric, providing a feeling of hand-made luxury. It is designed to combine comfort and support, making use of hand-tufting techniques to create a firmer sleep surface.

This mattress follows a traditional 2-sided design, meaning it can be flipped and rotated to minimize settlement. The ability to turn and rotate the mattress helps maintain its shape and longevity, ensuring a consistent level of comfort over time.

The Comfort Rating of the Seville is Medium Firm, striking a balance between softness and support. It is suitable for individuals who prefer a moderately firm sleeping surface.

The Seville features a Reflex Inner spring system, which provides responsive support by adapting to the body's contours and movements during sleep. This system helps alleviate pressure points and promotes proper spinal alignment.

To enhance the durability and support of the mattress, it is equipped with a Perimeter Support System. This system reinforces the edges of the mattress, offering a firmer edge and maximizing the sleep surface area.

The hand-tufting technique used in the construction of the Seville ensures a firmer sleep surface. Hand-tufting involves passing sturdy threads through the mattress layers, securing them in place. This process helps prevent the materials from shifting or settling excessively, maintaining a consistent level of support.

Overall, the Seville mattress is designed to provide a luxurious and supportive sleep experience. Its combination of hand-tufting, a reflex inner spring system, and a perimeter support system offers comfort, durability, and a firm sleep surface.

Comfort Rating: Medium Firm
Spring System:   Reflex Inner spring
Perimeter Support System: For a firmer mattress edge and extended sleep surface
Traditional 2-sided mattress
Hand-tufted: For a firmer sleep surface