Kindred Bergamot, Berry, Vanilla + Patchouli Scented Reed Diffuser

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The Kindred Bergamot, Berry, Vanilla + Patchouli Scented Reed Diffuser by Furn is a captivating and inviting home fragrance product designed to create a warm and comforting atmosphere in your living spaces. The diffuser comes in an elegantly designed glass container, adorned with the brand's distinctive logo, making it a stylish addition to any room.

The scent profile of this reed diffuser is a harmonious blend of bergamot, berry, vanilla, and patchouli. Let's explore each element:

1. Bergamot: Bergamot, a citrus fruit, infuses the fragrance with a fresh and uplifting aroma. Its bright and zesty notes are known to elevate the mood and create a sense of joy and energy.

2. Berry: The inclusion of berries adds a fruity and juicy dimension to the scent. Depending on the specific berry used, it could bring a range of sweet, tart, or even slightly floral nuances to the overall fragrance.

3. Vanilla: Vanilla is a classic and comforting scent that exudes warmth and sweetness. Its rich and creamy aroma contributes a sense of coziness and relaxation to the fragrance.

4. Patchouli: Patchouli is a distinctive and earthy note that provides depth and complexity to the scent. Its warm, woody, and slightly spicy characteristics add a touch of sensuality and sophistication to the overall composition.

To use the reed diffuser, simply insert the reed sticks into the fragranced oil in the glass container. The reeds will gradually absorb the fragrance and disperse it into the air, ensuring a consistent and long-lasting scent throughout your space.

The Kindred Bergamot, Berry, Vanilla + Patchouli Scented Reed Diffuser not only fills your home with a delightful aroma but also serves as a decorative element, complementing your interior design with its elegant appearance. It is an excellent option for those who seek a balanced and inviting fragrance that can create a welcoming and relaxing ambiance in any room. With its enticing blend of scents, this reed diffuser is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who encounter it.

Depth (cm) 7.5
Height (cm) 20.7
Width (cm) 7.5
Material composition Glass/Wood
Directions For Use Carefully remove stopper whilst bottle is in an upright position. Position reeds into bottle, ensuring they are inserted fully. For optimum levels of fragrance, rotate the reeds once a week. Do not place reeds directly onto surfaces or fabrics. Fragrance lifespan will vary with surrounding environmental conditions. To prolong fragrance lifespan, keep away from sources of heat and avoid direct sunlight.
Warning Do not keep near heat sources or naked flames.
Top Tip Turn your reeds upside down at least once per week to maximise their longevity and the strength of the fragrance.
Recommendation Keep out of direct sunlight to ensure maximum longevity.


also available a CANDLE & ROOM SPRAY

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