LIGNE PURE LUMINOUS indoor/outdoor BLUE Rug - Ligne Pure

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The LUMINOUS rug is a luxurious and functional piece that can complement any room or outdoor space. This unique rug features a double-sided jacquard woven design, adding an element of sophistication to its overall appearance.

One notable feature of the LUMINOUS rug is its composition of high-quality yarns, which ensures its resilience and durability. The use of these premium yarns allows the rug to withstand regular use and maintain its pristine condition over time.

The depth and relief of the rug are achieved through a distinctive combination of weft and warp weaving techniques. This exclusive and innovative approach creates a visually striking texture that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the rug. Additionally, this technique enables the production of the LUMINOUS rug in a wide range of colors and shades, offering you a diverse selection to choose from. With more than ten colors available, you can find the perfect hue to suit your style and preferences.

The high density of the rug, combined with the subtle use of fine yarns, results in intricate and high-quality craftsmanship. The fine yarns contribute to the rug's delicate and detailed patterns, creating an elegant and visually appealing design. These intricate details elevate the overall look of your outdoor living space, transforming it to another level of sophistication.

The LUMINOUS rug has a size of 170 x 230cm, providing a generous area to cover and enhance your space. Its dimensions make it suitable for various purposes, whether as a centerpiece in a living room or as a stylish addition to an outdoor seating area.

Please note that this particular LUMINOUS rug is a clearance item, and only one unit is available. As a clearance item, it may have been displayed or used previously, but it is still in excellent condition. This presents a great opportunity to acquire a luxurious and high-quality rug at a reduced price.

In summary, the LUMINOUS rug is a luxurious and functional piece that can elevate the ambiance of any room or outdoor space. Its unique double-sided jacquard woven design, combined with the use of high-quality yarns, ensures resilience and durability. The innovative weaving technique allows for a wide range of colors and shades, while the high density and intricate craftsmanship result in an elegant and visually appealing rug. Don't miss out on this clearance item, as there is only one unit available.