Nickel Iria Hurricane Lamp Candle Holder

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The Iria hurricane lamp is a stunning and substantial lighting piece that combines elegance with functionality. Standing at an impressive height of 50cm, it serves as an eye-catching centerpiece in any room. The lamp's width and depth measure 18cm each, providing a balanced and symmetrical appearance.Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the lamp features a nickel base that adds a touch of sophistication and durability. The nickel finish gives the base a shiny and reflective surface, further enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The material's silver hue complements a variety of interior styles, from modern to traditional.The hurricane lamp is designed to hold a large glass enclosure, which surrounds the light source. This glass enclosure is typically cylindrical in shape and transparent, allowing the warm glow of the flame or bulb to illuminate the surroundings. The combination of the nickel base and the clear glass creates a mesmerising play of light and shadow, casting a warm and inviting ambiance.

Despite its grandeur, the Iria hurricane lamp is offered as a clearance item, presenting an excellent opportunity to acquire a high-quality decorative piece at a more affordable price. It is a testament to the lamp's exceptional design and craftsmanship, making it an enticing addition to any home or space in need of a touch of elegance and illumination.

  • Height: 50cm
  • Width: 18cm
  • Depth: 18cm
  • Material: Nickel

Clearance item