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The Collector Onyx Mya Stool is a captivating embodiment of the maximalist design ethos, exuding an air of opulence and artistic flair. Part of our Maximalist collection and the Mya range, this stool presents a visually arresting scene: a group of magpies, each adorned with their prized possessions, set against a slate grey background. The intricate design features teal blues and icy greens, resulting in a mesmerizing and harmonious composition.

This large rectangular footstool serves as a testament to the boldness and creativity inherent in the maximalist style. Maximalism is characterised by its embrace of excess, blending vibrant patterns, textures, and colours to create a visually sumptuous and dynamic aesthetic. The Collector Onyx Mya Stool epitomises this philosophy, making it an exceptional addition to spaces that seek to evoke a sense of luxury and extravagance.

The stool's printed linen top is a canvas for the captivating Collector print, depicting magpies adorned with an array of treasures. This intricate scene is complemented by the black velvet sides, lending a touch of luxury and depth to the overall design. The combination of materials adds a captivating contrast, enhancing the visual appeal of the stool.

The sturdy wooden legs provide stability and support for the stool, ensuring that it can withstand regular use while maintaining its aesthetic integrity. Measuring at 34x76x26 cm, the stool offers ample space and versatility, making it suitable for various functions, from footstool to additional seating or a decorative statement piece.

The main colourway of Onyx, primarily grey, serves as the foundation of the design, imparting a sense of sophistication and elegance. Accentuated by touches of green, the stool introduces a refreshing burst of colour that enlivens the composition.

Constructed from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% linen, the Collector Onyx Mya Stool not only showcases its artistic allure but also ensures comfort and durability. The chosen materials are designed to withstand the test of time while maintaining their visual allure.

For maintenance, adhering to the "Wipe Clean Only" aftercare instructions is recommended. This ensures that the stool remains in pristine condition, allowing you to enjoy its aesthetic charm for years to come.

In summary, the Collector Onyx Mya Stool is a captivating piece that captures the essence of maximalism through its intricate design, luxurious materials, and bold colour palette. A true representation of modern maximalist style, this stool invites creativity and extravagance into any interior space, making a bold statement and sparking conversations with its visually rich narrative.

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