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The Ursula Silver table lamp is a sophisticated lighting fixture that creates a calming and peaceful ambiance in your home, featuring a monochrome grey ceramic finish. This modern lamp serves as an exquisite addition to any space, infusing it with an aura of tranquility and contemporary elegance.

To beautifully complement the lamp base, the Enchanted Forest lamp shade is the perfect choice. The lamp shade showcases a serene highland scene in tranquil neutral tones, which adds a touch of nature-inspired beauty to the lamp. The combination of the lamp's sleek design and the lamp shade's artistic depiction creates a harmonious and inviting atmosphere in any room.

Key features of the lamp and lamp shade:

Ursula Silver Table Lamp:
- Ceramic finish: The ceramic finish of the lamp base enhances its visual appeal and adds a touch of refinement to the overall design.
- Monochrome grey: The monochrome grey colour brings a sense of calm and sophistication, making the lamp a versatile addition to various decor styles.

Enchanted Forest Lamp Shade:
- Serene highland scene: The lamp shade's depiction of a tranquil highland scene adds a touch of nature's serenity to the lamp, fostering a relaxing ambiance.
- Neutral tones: The use of tranquil neutral tones in the lamp shade's design complements the monochrome grey of the lamp base, creating a cohesive and balanced look.

- Depth: 40cm
- Height: 68cm
- Width: 40cm
- Weight: 3.5kg

The lamp's dimensions and weight indicate a well-proportioned and stable lighting fixture suitable for various table surfaces.

Material composition:
- Lamp Base: 100% Ceramic, ensuring durability and quality.
- Bulb Fitting: 100% Plastic, providing functionality for easy bulb installation.
- Additional Component: 100% Metal, contributing to the lamp's sturdiness and stability.
- Lamp Shade: 95% Cotton, 5% Linen, offering a high-quality fabric for an elegant finishing touch.

Care instructions:
- Lamp Base: Drying and Ironing are not applicable, given its ceramic composition.
- Lamp Shade: Spot Clean is recommended to maintain the lamp shade's appearance and longevity.

The Ursula Silver table lamp paired with the Enchanted Forest lamp shade is indeed the perfect addition to any country-inspired home. Whether placed in a living room, bedroom, or study, this lamp combination creates a serene and inviting atmosphere that complements the overall decor and ambiance of a country-inspired space. Its modern design infused with nature's tranquility makes it a standout piece that adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your home.


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