Aratus Base (Floor or Table)

Size: 57cm Table Lamp base
Colour: Grey Wash
Sale price€99,00 EUR

The Voyage Maison Aratus Tripod Stand is available in two distinct variations, each crafted with a keen focus on design and functionality. The first variation is a 57cm table lamp tripod, thoughtfully designed to be paired with a 40cm shade. The second option boasts a taller stature, standing at an impressive 158cm as a floor lamp tripod, ideally complementing a slightly larger 52cm shade. Both variations share a common thread in their elegant wooden grey wash design, which seamlessly harmonises with the artistic essence of Voyage Maison shades.

The stand's graceful appearance effortlessly complements the intricate details and artistic features found in Voyage Maison shades. Its subtle yet refined grey wash finish lends an air of sophistication to any space it graces. The stand's design has been expertly curated to align perfectly with the artistic elements found in Voyage Maison shades, forging a harmonious union between the stand and shade, even though the shade is not included and is shown merely for reference.

What truly sets the Voyage Maison Aratus Tripod Stand apart is its remarkable versatility. This design masterpiece bestows upon you the creative liberty to curate and cultivate your very own unique style, meticulously tailored to your individual decor preferences. Whether you choose to showcase it as a captivating table lamp or an imposing floor lamp, this stand ensures a touch of sophistication and elegance that is bound to elevate the ambiance of any living space it graces. In seamlessly merging functionality with aesthetic allure, this stand has mastered the art of combining both utility and visual charm.

An important note to bear in mind is that the product does not include the shade depicted in the imagery; the shade is featured solely for illustrative purposes. The Voyage Maison Aratus Tripod Stand is a testament to the fusion of artistic expression and functional design, promising to be a noteworthy addition to your living space, ready to be personalised to your distinct tastes.