Aratus Grey Wash Tripod Floor & Nut Table Lamps with Edo Mulberry Shade

Type: 57cm Table Lamp with 40cm shade
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Introducing the sophisticated Aratus Grey Wash Tripod Lamp, a versatile masterpiece available in both floor (158cm) and table (57cm) variations, accompanied by the captivating Edo Mulberry lampshade. This ensemble proudly takes its place within our exclusive Katsura collection—a harmonious blend of contemporary design and the serene influence of Japanese tranquility.

The lampshade's design, a testament to artistic finesse, is crafted with sweeping, broad brushstrokes that infuse modernity into traditional elements. This approach draws inspiration from the tranquil ambiance of Japan, resulting in a design that resonates with contemporary aesthetics while paying homage to its cultural roots.

The colour palette employed is a symphony of warm watercolour tones, infusing an air of refinement and sophistication into any living space it graces. The presence of the lampshade effortlessly elevates the room's ambiance, enveloping it in an aura of understated elegance.

Crafted with meticulous attention, the lampshade is expertly printed in the UK on natural fabric, and its hand-rolled edges exemplify the highest levels of craftsmanship. This careful detailing ensures that the lampshade not only captures attention but also introduces a touch of artistry to every corner of the room.

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Hailing from the Katsura collection, this piece proudly displays its main colourway in the luxurious Mulberry hue, which beautifully complements the lamp's wooden structure. Constructed primarily from linen, with a composition of 95% cotton and 5% linen, the lampshade embodies both durability and a sumptuous texture.

Central to the lampshade's design is the Katsura pattern, a carefully curated element that adds to its overall allure. Available in two sizes—D52cm and D40cm—the lampshade accommodates a variety of preferences and room arrangements.

In terms of upkeep, maintaining the lampshade's pristine appearance is effortless—simply wipe clean to preserve its exquisite presentation.

The Aratus Grey Wash Tripod Lamp, accompanied by the Edo Mulberry shade, encapsulates the essence of art, design, and meticulous craftsmanship, poised to infuse your living space with an enduring aura of timeless sophistication. Whether you choose the floor lamp or the table lamp variation, this ensemble promises to be a captivating addition, enriching your home with its unique blend of modernity and traditional inspiration.

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