Dream Master Mattress’s

Size: 4ft 6"
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 This dual-sided mattress offers a luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience. It features a deep layer of pocket springs that provide targeted support precisely where it is needed. The pocket springs work independently, allowing them to respond to your body's unique contours and movements.

The deep layer of pocket springs is a notable feature of this mattress, as it contributes to its superior support and comfort. These springs are individually encased in fabric pockets, enabling them to move independently and respond to pressure points more effectively. This results in personalised support tailored to your body's requirements, promoting proper spinal alignment and reducing the risk of discomfort or pressure-related issues.

One of the key advantages of the deep layer of pocket springs is its adjustability. This means it can adjust as you sleep, effectively  customising the level of support to suit your individual needs it can create the perfect sleeping surface that promotes a restful and rejuvenating night's sleep.

The mattress is designed with your comfort in mind, aiming to provide a luxurious sleeping experience. The combination of the deep layer of pocket springs and other materials ensures a plush and comfortable feel. It cradles your body while minimizing motion transfer, allowing for undisturbed sleep throughout the night.

The dual-sided nature of the mattress adds to its versatility. This means you can flip and rotate the mattress, ensuring even wear and prolonging its lifespan. By regularly flipping the mattress, you can maintain its shape and integrity, preventing sagging or settlement and preserving its supportive qualities.

In summary, this luxurious and comfortable dual-sided mattress features a deep layer of pocket springs that  adjust to your individual needs. With its internal customisable support and plush feel, it is designed to provide you with the perfect night's sleep.

Upgrade your bedroom with an optional base and headboard for the perfect finishing touch.


4FT: W: 120cm x H: 24cm x L: 190cm

4FT6: W: 135cm x H: 24cm x L: 190cm

5FT: W: 150cm x H: 24cm x L: 200cm

6FT: W: 150cm x H: 24cm x L: 200cm