Gold Pocket Gel Elite Pillow Top Mattress

Size: 4ft 6"
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The Gold Pocket Gel Elite Mattress is an exceptional choice for those seeking a combination of comfort and support in their sleep experience. This mattress features a pocket sprung foam encased design with a gel foam top layer, offering several key benefits.

One of the standout features of this mattress is its advanced cooling technology. The gel-infused top layer memory foam helps dissipate heat, ensuring a comfortable and cool sleeping environment throughout the night. Say goodbye to sweaty nights and enjoy a more refreshing sleep experience.

The Gold Pocket Gel Elite Mattress also provides excellent pressure relief and support. Its plush yet supportive layers contour to your body, relieving pressure points and promoting a restful sleep. You can sink into luxury and wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Motion isolation is another noteworthy feature of this mattress. Partner movements are minimised, thanks to the Gel Elite Mattress's ability to reduce motion transfer. This means you and your loved ones can enjoy uninterrupted sleep, undisturbed by each other's movements.

The mattress is designed with hypoallergenic and breathable materials. The soft knit hypoallergenic fabric enhances your comfort while being resistant to dust mites and allergens. This makes it an ideal choice for individuals with allergies or sensitivities, ensuring a clean and healthy sleep environment.

Durability and quality are key considerations in the construction of the Gel Elite Mattress. It is crafted with high-quality materials to ensure its longevity, providing you with years of comfortable sleep. You can rest easy knowing that your investment in this mattress is built to last.

The Gold Pocket Gel Elite Mattress comes with additional features such as a pillow top for added comfort, 1400 pocket springs for support, and a 50mm Reflex Foam top layer. The mattress is a non-turn design and includes side lift handles for ease of handling and manoeuvrability. It has a depth of 34 cm and offers a medium to firm support level with a rating of 6/10 on the firmness scale.

To complete your bedroom upgrade, optional bases and headboards are available to add a stylish finishing touch to your decor.

In summary, the Gold Pocket Gel Elite Mattress offers advanced cooling technology, pressure relief and support, motion isolation, hypoallergenic and breathable features, durability and quality, and various other specifications that make it an excellent choice for a comfortable and restful sleep experience.

  • Pillow Top
  • 1400 Pocket sprung
  • 24cm of pocket springs
  • 50mm Reflex Foam top
  • Knitted Fabric
  • Non-Turn Mattress
  • Side Lift Handles
  •  34 cm Deep
  • Medium to Firm Support

With Gel Particles & Increased Airflow to Reduce the Heat of the Mattress All Standard Sizes Available Including Special Sizes on request Firmness Rating Medium/Firm – 6/10