Marie Burke Petra Darwen Cornflower Stool

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Allow us to present the exquisite Darwen Cornflower Petra Stool, a distinguished gem within our prestigious Marie Burke collection, born from a harmonious collaboration with Voyage Maison. This remarkable piece unveils an artistic narrative that seamlessly marries the creative prowess of the artist with the fabric of our homes.

Immerse yourself in the world of masterful watercolors as you behold the mesmerizing creation, meticulously painted by the talented artist herself. The design portrays a captivating Iris, resplendent in its intricate detailing, awash in bold shades of blue and purple that dance in harmonious contrast against the backdrop of lavish foliage. This vivid depiction captures the essence of nature's elegance and infuses it into a functional piece of art.

The Darwen Cornflower Petra Stool serves as a testament to the marriage of craftsmanship and artistic vision. Upholstered with natural fabric, the stool exudes an air of sophistication and refined elegance. The Iris takes center stage, its vibrant hues and delicate contours drawing the eye and captivating the imagination.

Designed and upholstered in the United Kingdom, our petra stools transcend mere functionality, transcending their roles as extra seats for guests or footrests after a long day. They become focal points in your living space, conduits for artistic expression and conversation starters. As you settle into the comfort they offer, you're enveloped in the artistic essence of the Iris, an experience that extends beyond mere utility.

The Darwen print, a testament to the Marie Burke design style, showcases a captivating blend of colors. The main hue, a soothing blue, serves as a canvas for the vivid and bold accents of green, accentuating the lush foliage that cradles the striking Iris. Supported by sturdy spruce legs, the stool maintains a perfect balance between form and function, enhancing your home décor with both grace and practicality.

With dimensions of 90cm in width and 34cm in height, the Darwen Cornflower Petra Stool boasts a substantial yet unobtrusive presence, allowing it to harmonize seamlessly with your living space.

Aftercare is effortless; a simple wipe down ensures the stool's enduring allure, making maintenance a breeze.

Please note that while the product images provided are for illustrative purposes, they may exhibit minor variations due to enhancements for presentation and the individual screen settings of your device. Embrace the artistic elegance of the Darwen Cornflower Petra Stool, and let it be the beacon that guides you towards a realm of comfort, beauty, and creativity.

Design Style: Marie Burke
Main Colour: Blue
Accent Colour: Green
Material: Linen
Composition: Legs: Spruce/95% cotton/5% linen
Size: 90CM W X 34CM H
Aftercare: Wipe Clean Only



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