Marie Burke Petra Easton Fern Table Stool

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Introducing our striking Easton Petra Stool, a proud member of the distinguished Marie Burke collection, a harmonious collaboration with Voyage Maison. Immerse yourself in the artistic world as you encounter the captivating brush strokes of delicate watercolor painting that breathe life into this resplendent sunflower. Handcrafted by the skilled hands of Marie Burke herself, the vibrant hues of bold yellows boldly juxtapose the serene greens of the surrounding foliage, resulting in a mesmerizing depiction of nature's grandeur.

The Easton Petra Stool stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of artistry and craftsmanship. Its sunflower motif, meticulously painted with intricate brushwork, graces the surface of natural fabric, exuding an aura of elegance and uniqueness. Each stroke captures the essence of the flower, infusing it with vitality and splendor.

Carefully upholstered in the United Kingdom, the Easton Petra Stool is more than a mere furnishing; it's a versatile statement piece. A comfortable extra seat for guests, a cozy place to rest your feet after a long day, or a bold addition to your home decor, this stool effortlessly adapts to your needs and desires. Its significance transcends functionality, as it becomes an artistic conversation starter and a source of visual delight.

The design style of Marie Burke shines brightly in the Easton print, offering a bridge between art and interior design. The main color palette, a soothing green, serves as a backdrop that accentuates the vibrant yellows of the sunflower, creating a captivating interplay of colors. The entire composition is supported by spruce legs, which exude a sense of sturdiness while maintaining an air of sophistication, a testament to its impeccable craftsmanship.

Size: With a width of 90cm and a height of 34cm, the Easton Petra Stool possesses a substantial yet unobtrusive presence, fitting seamlessly into your living space.

Aftercare is effortless; a simple wipe down is all that's needed to maintain its pristine appearance, ensuring that the allure of the Easton Petra Stool endures.

Please note that the product images presented are for illustrative purposes and may exhibit minor variations due to enhancements for presentation and the individual screen settings of your device. The Easton Petra Stool beckons you to embrace the beauty of nature's brushstrokes within the confines of your living space, inviting you to experience comfort, art, and elegance in perfect harmony.

Design Style: Marie Burke
Main Colour: Green
Accent Colour: Yellow
Material: Linen
Composition: Legs: Spruce/95% cotton/5% linen
Size: 90CM W X 34CM H
Aftercare: Wipe Clean Only



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