Marie Burke Petra Heligan Fuchsia Table Stool

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The Voyage Maison Marie Burke Petra Heligan Fuchsia Table Stool is a captivating and charming piece of furniture that is part of the collaborative Marie Burke collection with Voyage Maison. Inspired by the serene and picturesque countryside, this table stool showcases the captivating Heligan print, which is embellished with vibrant fuchsia pink and lively green tones.

Meticulously crafted from natural linen fabric and skillfully upholstered in the UK, this table stool serves not only as a splendid additional seat for your guests but also adds a touch of comfort and style to your living space. The use of quality materials and expert craftsmanship ensures its durability and longevity.

Designed by Marie Burke, the stool embodies a design style that seamlessly blends elements of nature and artistic creativity. The Heligan print, with its dominant pink hues and complementing green accents, creates a harmonious visual appeal that can elevate the aesthetic of any room.

The stool's dimensions, measuring 90CM in width and 34CM in height, make it a versatile and practical piece that can be easily incorporated into various spaces within your home. Its size strikes a balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal, ensuring that it fits seamlessly into different interior design arrangements.

For maintenance, the stool is recommended to be wiped clean only, allowing for easy care and upkeep to preserve its beauty and charm over time.

Please note that the product images provided are for illustrative purposes and may exhibit slight variations due to enhancements and the screen settings of the device used for viewing. The Voyage Maison Marie Burke Petra Heligan Fuchsia Table Stool is a delightful addition that not only fulfills a functional purpose but also contributes to the overall ambiance of your living space with its alluring design and color scheme.



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