Mya Stool Fortazela Onyx

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The Fortazela Onyx Mya Stool is a striking piece that embodies the vibrant and expressive aesthetic of maximalism. Part of our iKon collection, this stool showcases an exuberant floral design in rich shades of purple and green, set against a slate grey background. The combination of these bold colours and intricate patterns results in a visually captivating and dynamic piece that is sure to command attention.

This large rectangular footstool is a testament to the boldness of the maximalist design style. The maximalist approach celebrates abundance, mixing patterns, textures, and colors in an opulent and daring manner. The Fortazela Onyx Mya Stool, from our Maximalist collection, embraces this ethos fully, making it an exceptional addition to spaces that embrace a lavish and eclectic aesthetic.

The stool's printed linen top is adorned with the Fortazela print, featuring an enchanting floral motif that spans across the surface. The top is complemented by sumptuous green velvet sides, adding a touch of luxury and depth to the overall design. The combination of materials creates a delightful contrast that enhances the stool's visual appeal.

Supported by sturdy wooden legs, the Fortazela Onyx Mya Stool measures 34x76x26 cm, making it a substantial yet versatile piece that can serve multiple purposes. Whether used as a footstool, additional seating, or even as a decorative accent, this stool offers functionality and style in equal measure.

The stool's colour palette revolves around the Onyx main colourway, predominantly black, which adds a sense of drama and sophistication. An accent color of pink provides a vibrant contrast, infusing a playful and lively element into the design.

Crafted primarily from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% linen, this stool ensures both comfort and durability. The materials are chosen to withstand regular use and maintain their visual allure over time.

For maintenance, it is recommended to adhere to the "Wipe Clean Only" aftercare instructions, ensuring that the stool remains in pristine condition without compromising its design integrity.

In summary, the Fortazela Onyx Mya Stool is a standout piece that captures the essence of maximalism through its bold floral design, luxurious materials, and striking colour palette. A true representation of modern maximalist style, this stool invites creativity and opulence into any interior space it graces.

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