Marie Burke Petra Footstool Chamrosh Willow - 90x34cm

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Allow us to introduce the Chamrosh Willow Petra Stool, an exquisite masterpiece proudly hailing from our distinguished Marie Burke artist collection. This stool is a manifestation of meticulous craftsmanship, showcasing an illustrative ornate fauna-inspired design that captures the essence of nature's beauty. The design, brought to life by the renowned watercolorist Marie Burke, is a symphony of captivating watercolors that enthrall the senses.

The Chamrosh Willow Petra Stool is a testament to the harmonious collaboration between artistic brilliance and dedicated craftsmanship. The rich fauna motifs, intricately hand-painted, emerge from opulent backdrops, exuding a captivating grace that transforms this large stool into a resplendent addition to any space. Each brushstroke tells a story, each detail a testament to the mastery of the artist's craft.

Handpicked for its elegance and sophistication, the stool is upholstered in the United Kingdom using natural fabric. Beyond its functional role, the Chamrosh Willow Petra Stool is a versatile piece that offers a welcoming seat for guests, a cozy retreat for your feet after a long day, or a striking statement piece that elevates your home decor to new heights.

The design, meticulously brought to life using a digital printing process, graces a luxurious cotton and linen blend fabric. This fusion of modern technology and artistic finesse ensures that the Chamrosh Willow Petra Stool is both visually captivating and tactically pleasing.

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The Chamrosh Willow Petra Stool transcends the boundaries of ordinary furniture. It's an artistic marvel that carries within it the soul of collaboration between Marie Burke and our talented team of designers. This stool is a symphony of creativity and craftsmanship, an ode to nature's beauty and the human spirit.

Design: Marie Burke artist collection
Print: Chamrosh Willow
Material: Cotton and Linen Blend
Composition: Legs: Spruce/95% cotton/5% linen
Size: Large
Aftercare: Wipe Clean Only
Depth (cm) 90
Height (cm) 34
Width (cm) 90
Weight (kg) 14.0kg
Drying Not Applicable
Ironing Not Applicable
Material composition Cover: 95% Cotton, 5% Linen / Frame: MDF / Legs: Spruce
Shape Round
Washing Spot Clean Only