Premium Paradise Velvet feather filled Cushion in either Mineral or Black.

Colour: Mineral
Sale price€29,95 EUR

The Premium Paradise Velvet feather-filled Cushion by Paoletti is a luxurious home accessory available in two stunning colour options: Mineral and Black. The cushion boasts an exquisite birds of paradise design, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any living space.

Measuring 50 cm in both height and width, this square-shaped cushion offers a generous and comfortable surface, making it ideal for lounging, decorating sofas, beds, or chairs.

Crafted from 100% Cotton, the cushion's material composition ensures a soft and plush feel, providing a cozy and inviting touch to any seating area. Cotton is known for its breathability and natural fibers, contributing to a comfortable and refreshing experience.

Maintaining the cushion is effortless as it is machine washable. This practical feature allows for convenient cleaning, ensuring the cushion remains fresh and clean for prolonged use.

When it comes to drying, the cushion can be tumble dried, which helps in expediting the drying process and maintaining its quality without causing any damage to the fabric or the feather filling.

For any wrinkles or creases that may appear, a warm iron can be used to smoothen the cushion's surface. The warm iron setting ensures that the cushion retains its shape and beautiful birds of paradise design without causing any harm to the fabric.

In conclusion, the Premium Paradise Velvet feather-filled Cushion by Paoletti is a premium-quality home accessory that combines comfort, style, and practicality. Its stunning birds of paradise design, paired with the plush velvet feel of 100% Cotton, brings an element of luxury to any interior. With easy maintenance options like machine washing and tumble drying, this cushion is a perfect addition to elevate the aesthetic and comfort of any living space. Whether in the Mineral or Black colour variant, this cushion is sure to impress and become a focal point of attention in your home.

Height (cm) 50
Width (cm) 50
Drying Tumble dry
Ironing Warm Iron
Material composition 100% Cotton
Shape Square
Washing Machine Washable
Filling feather