President Mattress

Size: 4ft 6"
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The President mattress is a remarkable option for individuals who desire exceptional comfort and support in their sleep experience. This luxurious mattress is designed with two layers of pocket springs, which play a crucial role in evenly distributing body weight and minimizing disturbances during sleep. The pocket springs also provide excellent lumbar support, ensuring that your spine is properly aligned throughout the night.

In addition to its functional benefits, the President mattress offers a high level of comfort. It features a pillow top layer, which adds an extra plush and cozy feel to the sleeping surface. The 40mm Reflex Foam top further enhances the comfort by providing a supportive yet soft cushioning effect.

The mattress is covered with a knitted fabric, adding to its overall luxurious look and feel. The fabric is both durable and breathable, promoting a cool and comfortable sleeping environment.

The President mattress is designed as a non-turn mattress, eliminating the need to flip it regularly for maintenance. This feature adds convenience to your sleeping routine.

For ease of handling and manoeuvring, the mattress is equipped with side lift handles, making it easier to rotate or move when needed.

To complete your bedroom upgrade, the President mattress offers the option of adding a base and headboard. This optional addition adds a stylish and cohesive touch to your bedroom decor, providing a polished and finished look.

Overall, the President mattress offers a combination of superior comfort, excellent support, and luxurious features, ensuring restful nights and a truly satisfying sleep experience.

Upgrade your bedroom with an optional base and headboard for the perfect finishing touch.

  • Two layers of pocket spring
  • Luxurious
  • Pillow Top
  • 40mm Reflex Foam top
  • Knitted Fabric
  • Non-Turn Mattress
  • Side Lift Handles