STARRY NIGHTS (Luxcelle blend) by Nourison

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Size: 221cm x 160cm
Style: STN01 Cream/Blue
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The Starry Night Area Rug is a captivating piece that combines traditional charm with a touch of antiquity. Its erased pattern gives it an aged appearance reminiscent of classic Persian rugs. The colour palette consists of faded yet elegant tones, with a blend of rich cream and regal blue that swirls in a timeless framed floral design, complete with a central medallion. The rug offers a silky texture that not only feels luxurious to the touch but also holds a visual appeal that's inviting and soothing.

Crafted with care, this rug is made from a combination of materials: 80% Luxcelle and 20% Shrink Acrylic. Luxcelle is a unique viscose fiber developed by Nourison, composed of cellulose and purified cotton. This proprietary material is designed to be robust, showcasing a lustrous silk-like sheen, and retaining its colours exceptionally well. The 20% Shrink Acrylic adds to the rug's composition, contributing to its overall quality and texture.

With a pile height of .31 inches, the rug has a comfortable yet low profile. It features a fringed finish and boasts intricate carved details that enhance its vintage Persian style pattern. This pattern, combined with the rug's soft and sumptuous hand feel, creates an atmosphere of elegance and refinement. The rug's machine-made construction, employing loom-woven techniques, ensures both durability and precision in design.

Given its detailed construction, variations in size may occur between different rugs, whether they are handmade or machine-made. The Starry Night Area Rug is recommended for indoor use, particularly in low-traffic areas where it can serve as a decorative focal point. Shedding is minimal due to the cut, low pile, making maintenance easier.

To maintain the rug's beauty, regular vacuuming without a beater bar is suggested. In case of spills, prompt attention is recommended. The recommended approach involves using folded paper towels placed over the spill to absorb the liquid. Gently blotting is advised rather than rubbing the spill site, repeating the process until the liquid is absorbed.

The rug features an ornamental border that adds to its overall allure. Its backing is made of latex and cotton, providing stability and support. Crafted in Turkey, the rug is a testament to the country's rich tradition of rug-making and attention to detail. Whether placed in a living room, bedroom, or any other interior space, the Starry Night Area Rug brings an air of timeless beauty and sophistication.