Wilderness Cotton Oilcloth (per metre)

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Transport yourself to the heart of the wilderness with the captivating "Wilderness" fabric from Voyage Decoration. This woodland oilcloth fabric invites you into a serene and majestic forest scene, where stags roam amidst the beauty of nature.

Brought to you by Voyage Maison, this oilcloth is a harmonious blend of aesthetics and practicality. It begins with a foundation of 100% cotton fabric, which has been expertly treated with a resilient PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic coating. This coating not only bestows a durable matte finish but also imparts a protective layer to the fabric.

Beyond its visual allure, the primary purpose of the "Wilderness" oilcloth is to shield your tables and work surfaces from an array of potential hazards. Whether it's accidental spills of food and beverages or the scratches, paints, and daily wear and tear that surfaces endure, this fabric stands as a steadfast guardian. Its durability ensures that your surfaces remain unblemished and exquisite over time.

The "Wilderness" oilcloth stands out for its ease of use and customisation. With a width of 140 centimeters, it accommodates various table sizes and shapes. What's more, the fabric's edges do not fray, alleviating the need for hemming when tailored. This quality streamlines the process of cutting the fabric to your desired dimensions, yielding a polished and refined result.

Maintenance of this oilcloth is a breeze, enhancing its practicality. Its wipeable surface permits effortless cleaning through a simple wipe-down, making it a superb choice for busy households or bustling commercial spaces. The fabric's stain resistance and easy care ensure that it retains its allure and protective attributes even with consistent use.

The versatility of the "Wilderness" oilcloth knows no bounds. Its application transcends domestic settings, extending to cafes, schools, children's nurseries, and even outdoor endeavors like caravanning and camping. Its adaptability to diverse scenarios showcases its versatility and utility.

Composition: 100% Cotton coated in PVC
Width (cm): 140 cm
Aftercare: Wipe Clean

Available for purchase by the metre, the "Wilderness" oilcloth empowers you to acquire the exact quantity needed for your project. With its fusion of protective functionality and captivating design, the "Wilderness" fabric from Voyage Maison elevates your surroundings while safeguarding your surfaces, making it an exceptional addition to any setting.